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How do I know if I’m in the Pension Plus retirement plan?

  You are in the State Police Pension Plus retirement plan if you first worked for the Michigan State Police on or after June 10, 2012.

What is the role of Voya Financial?®


The Office of Retirement Services has partnered with Voya® to bring you the Savings Component of your plan. Voya serves as the record keeper for the savings component, provides you with account statements, and tracks all contributions, transactions, and balances for your investment account. Voya also provides valuable online tools and resources to help you plan and set your goals for retirement.

What exactly is the Pension Plus retirement investment account?

  The savings component of your plan enrolls you in a tax-deferred investment account so you can enhance your savings for retirement. Your contributions to this account are invested in your choice of a 401(k) plan or 457 plan, and your employer’s contributions to this account are invested in a 401(k) plan.

How much are my employer and I contributing to my retirement plan?

  You and your employer begin contributing to your pension and investment accounts your first day on the job. Your contributions are made through payroll deductions. You are contributing 4% to your pension account and 4% to your retirement investment account, 2% for your savings and 2% for the Personal Healthcare Fund. Your employer is contributing 3% to your retirement investment account, 1% for your savings and 2% for the Personal Healthcare Fund.

Can I contribute more than 4 percent to my retirement investment account?

  Yes. You may contribute more than 4 percent, including a fraction up to a 10th (e.g., 5.2 percent, 6.5 percent, 10 percent).

How can I increase my contribution amount?

  You can change your contribution percentage by logging into your retirement investment account online after you receive your password in the mail from Voya or by calling Voya at (800) 748-6128.

What is the Personal Healthcare Fund?

  The Personal Healthcare Fund, is a portable, tax-deferred fund that can be used to pay for healthcare expenses in retirement. It is a part of the Savings Component of the Pension Plus plan. The Personal Healthcare Fund automatically enrolls you in a 2 percent contribution to your 457 Plan account, earning you an additional 2 percent employer match to your 401(k) Plan account. Personal Healthcare Fund contributions made by your employer and you are invested in the State of Michigan 401(k) and 457 Plans.

The Personal Healthcare Fund also provides a $2,000 credit at termination into a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) maintained by ORS if you have at least 10 years of service at termination.

What is a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)?

  A Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) is a tax-advantaged health savings plan funded by your employer to help you pay for eligible healthcare expenses you incur after retirement. HRAs are funded and wholly- owned by the employer; HRA rules do not allow you to contribute. Funds are deposited into a noninterest-bearing account for you when you terminate employment. ORS will send you details about your HRA when you become eligible for your account.

When will I get my password from Voya?

  Your password will be mailed to you after your account has been set up by ORS and Voya, typically in the month following your first paycheck. The password is different from the Member ID that you’ll receive to access your pension account. You will receive both in the mail separately.

How much should I be contributing to my retirement investment account?

  The amount you contribute to your retirement investment account is based on many personal factors — you have a lot to consider, and you should start now. It’s a good idea to consult a financial advisor to help you set your goals for retirement. You can also use the Voya Advisory Service by logging into your retirement investment account and clicking on the Voya Advisory Service link at the top of the page.

How do I learn more about my investment options?

  You can log in to your retirement investment account and select your account. Click on Plan Investments to see your options. Click the links for each fund to access fund fact sheets, which give more detailed information on investment style, major holdings, past performance, and other details.

What happens if I don’t tell Voya how to invest my money?

  Contributions to your retirement investment account are automatically invested in the default Target Retirement Fundappropriate for you that assumes you will retire at age 65. Target Retirement Funds offer instant diversification by providing a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents over time, becoming more conservative as the fund nears its target retirement date.

How do I change where my money is invested?

  You can change your investment option(s) by logging into your retirement investment account online or by contactingVoya. If you’re logging in for the first time, you’ll need the password Voya mailed to you when you began your state police employment.

Can I choose not to contribute to my retirement investment account?

  Yes. However, because this plan can provide you with a source of income in retirement, choosing not to contribute is not recommended. If you don't make contributions to your retirement investment account, you will also miss the employer matching contribution.
  1. If you choose not to contribute, you will need to wait until you receive your password in the mail from Voya.
  2. Once you have your password, log in to your retirement investment account online or by contacting Voya to change your contributions.
  3. Voya, through ORS, will inform your employer to stop your contribution.
  4. Your contributions remain invested until you terminate employment.

When can I retire?

  The earliest you could begin receiving a pension is age 55 if you have at least 25 years of service. You’re vestedfor your pension when you have at least 10 years of service.

The earliest you could begin withdrawing funds from your retirement investment account is 30 days after your termination notification to Voya. (If you take distributions from your 401(k) prior to age 59 1/2, an early withdrawal penalty may apply.) Your contributions to your retirement investment account and any earnings on those contributions are always yours, regardless of your years of service. You become 50 percent vested in your employer’s contributions after 2 years of service, 75 percent vested after 3 years of service, and 100 percent vested after 4 years of service.

How do I earn service credit?

  In general, you earn one year of service when you work 2,080 hours within the October 1 through September 30 fiscal year. You can earn no more than one year of service credit in any given fiscal year, and you can receive no more than 80 hours biweekly.

Can I buy service credit in the Pension Plus plan?

  No. Although you cannot buy service credit under the Pension Plus plan, exceptions apply for intervening military service. You can access the Military Service Credit Application here.

If I am a former employee of the State of Michigan, can I transfer my state service into the State Police Pension Plus retirement plan?

  No. You cannot transfer State of Michigan service into the Pension Plus Plan.

What is miAccount?

  miAccount provides you online access to your pension account. To log in for the first time, you’ll need your Member ID, which you can find on most correspondence from the Office of Retirement Services (ORS). Once you’re logged in, you can track your pension contributions and service  totals, and you can complete transactions including designating your pension beneficiary and updating your personal information with ORS. 

If you have questions about your pension account, you can use miAccount’s Message Board to correspond securely with one of ORS’s knowledgeable customer service representatives.

How is my pension calculated?

  Your annual pension is based on a formula that multiplies the average of your last five years of earnings, times a pension factor of 2.0 percent, times your first 25 years of service. For each year over 25 years of service, the pension factor declines by 0.4 percent until it reaches 0 percent at 30 years of service. The reduced pension factor applies only to years 26 through 30, not the first 25 years.

Will I get account statements?

  You’ll receive statements mailed from Voya summarizing your retirement investment account status including your total account balance, investment selections, and the current value of each investment. You can also access this account statement by logging into your retirement investment account, selecting your account and clicking on Statement on the left side of the page. Pension Plus News will be sent along with your statement, which will help keep you up-to-date on your retirement plan.

For your pension account statement, log in to miAccount and click on Member Statement. You’ll have access to your current pension account details including your wage, service, and contribution information.