For members of the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System

Investment Advice

Voya Advisory Service*, powered by Financial Engines, gives you personalized, objective investment and retirement planning advice that can help you determine how much you should save and which investments to choose. You can choose between two levels of service: the Personal Online Advisor or the Professional Account Manager.

Personal Online Advisor

For the confident investor who wants free, quality research and professional tools, this easy-to-use web-based retirement planning service provides objective, professional investment recommendations. The Personal Online Advisor gives you:

  • A realistic forecast of your retirement investment account value.
  • Personalized, objective investment recommendations that you can review and implement on your own.
  • Ability to explore changes to your risk level, contributions, or retirement age, and the effect on your financial outlook.

Access to the Personal Online Advisor is available at no cost to you. Once you log in to your retirement investment account, click the Voya Advisory Service link.

Professional Account Manager

In addition to the Personal Online Advisor, the Professional Account Manager is available to you. This level of service is for investors who want to talk to a live professional and have their accounts actively managed for a fee. It gives you a personalized mix of funds appropriate for you from the funds available in the plan.

This program provides:

  • The same personalized, objective investment methodology as the Personal Online Advisor, including ongoing management of your account.
  • Quarterly Progress Reports to stay in touch.
  • Option to speak to an Investment Advisor Representative to further tailor your advice and savings strategy.

To speak with an Voya Investment Advisor Representative for an initial no-cost retirement assessment,
call 800-748-6128.

The Professional Account Manager is available to all participants and has the following fee schedule:
Account Balance Monthly Fee Annualized
Tier as a percent of balance
First $100,000 .0250% .30%
Next $150,000 .0208% .25%
Over $250,000 .0167% .20%

For example, participants with account balances shown below would be charged:
Account Balance Monthly Fee Annualized
$10,000 $2.50 $30
$100,000 $25.00 $300
$250,000 $56.20 $675
$300,000 $64.55 $775

This service may be canceled at any time. Fees are listed on your account statements in the Account Activity Summary.


* Advisory Services provided by Voya Financial Advisors, Inc., member SIPC (VFA). For more information, please read the Voya Financial Advisors Disclosure Statement, Advisory Services Agreement and your plan's Fact Sheet. These documents may be viewed online by accessing the advisory services link(s) through your plan's website. You may also request these from a Voya Investment Advisor Representative by calling your plan's information line at 800-748-6128. Financial Engines Advisors LLC acts as a sub advisor for Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. Financial Engines Advisors®, LLC (FEA) is a federally registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Financial Engines, Inc. Neither VFA nor FEA provides tax or legal advice. If you need tax advice, consult your accountant or if you need legal advice consult your lawyer. Voya Financial Advisors does not guarantee results and past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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